Bright Star University

brega - Libya

University vision

Excellence in university education and the localization of modern technologies for the advancement of society through the graduation of qualified administrative cadres and local recognition of the prestigious position of all scientific departments at Bright Star University
affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education.

University values

1-The quality:
🖇The university is interested in the value of quality, whether in the administrative system or in
the educational process, as it is keen on applying quality standards at the local and global levels
and continuous improvement.
2- Teamwork:
🖇The university seeks to build up a culture of teamwork instead of individual work, as
teamwork in various faculties, scientific departments, centers, departments, and offices is the
best value in improving performance, and this is the reason for the success of the Japanese
3- Pioneering:
🖇That is, for the university to be at the forefront of international universities.
4-Trust and mutual respect:
🖇The university seeks to enhance trust and respect between its administration and between its
students and all its employees of all categories.
5- Motivation:
🖇The university seeks to motivate creative and outstanding students, employees, faculty
members, and support staff through rewards, prizes, and others.

University message

Preparing human cadres capable of competing in the labor market through the quality of its educational programs and excellence in scientific research and community service.

General goal

Preparing, designing and developing curricula for all scientific faculties of the university and implementing them in a manner consistent with the policies of Bright Star University, its future goals and the local and international labor market.

University Colleges

College of Technical Engineering

College of Engineering Sciences

Management College

College of Aviation Sciences

Strategic goals 2017-2023

🖇First Goal:
Providing academic programs in accordance with quality standards.
🖇Second goal:
Developing the university’s technological and infrastructure to keep convoy with quality standards.
🖇Third goal:
Developing the university’s administrative and financial system.
🖇Fourth goal:
Developing scientific research and improving community service.
🖇Fifth goal:
Developing scientific research and improving community service.