College of Aeronautical Sciences

College Departments

The College Vision:

To be a model for Libyan institutions that study aviation sciences, and a local and regional source for qualified pilots and navigators.

About the college

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the master of the first and the last. I am pleased and honored, in my name and on behalf of all faculty members and all employees of the College of Aviation Sciences, to welcome you to the college page on the university website. I am pleased to present a brief overview of the College of Aviation Sciences. All societies are keen on transcendence and sophistication, and since science represents an essential basis for the progress of societies, the College of Aviation Sciences at Bright Star University, seeking to serve the community, offers a distinguished quality of graduates with high levels, solid and coherent academic backgrounds, and theoretical and practical knowledge that qualifies them to compete in the labor market or complete postgraduate studies in any of the different branches of science. Since this can only be achieved through modern scientific outputs and decisions that keep pace with the successive and rapid leaps of science, the college includes a group of faculty members with a high level of skills and both practical and scientific experiences, which makes achieving this goal easy. The College of Aeronautical Sciences grants a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering, road and airfield engineering, meteorology, surveillance, and air navigation. In pursuit of the college’s goals and visions for achieving the goals and visions of Bright Star University in education and scientific research, the college has produced many scientific products represented in much scientific research published locally and internationally. To serve the community, the college has endeavored tirelessly to emphasize modern scientific knowledge and its role in serving the various segments of society as a contribution to the performance of the mission it undertakes through Bright Star University.

College Message:

The College of Aviation Sciences seeks to localize the study of aviation in Libya, as well as to provide the community with distinguished and specialized scientific competencies that keep pace with the latest developments in the field of aviation sciences, which combine theory and practice.


1-Providing students with high-quality academic programs in addition to training and research activities.

2 -Graduating students with high skills that enable them to compete in the labor market locally and globally, and to nurture the outstanding and talented and invest their energies.

3- Attracting and developing highly qualified faculty members in the field of higher education.

4 -Inculcating the spirit of acquiring knowledge among students to serve the needs of society.

5- Contribute to the prosperity of society by providing it with project ideas and the completion of distinguished research through the various disciplines of the College of Management.

The College Objectives:

  1. Giving the faculty members a bachelor’s degree in aviation sciences, control and air navigation, road and airfield engineering, and aviation mechanical engineering.
  2. Providing graduates of the program with the necessary skills for communications, control, and air navigation, as well as providing them with the ability to plan, design, implement, and manage various projects in airport infrastructure.
  3. Preparing air traffic controllers, navigators, and engineers to design airport infrastructure so that they are qualified at the local and regional levels.

4-Encouraging scientific and cultural cooperation with Arab and international universities and scientific institutions, and encouraging the exchange of experiences to ensure the development of scientific research and the advancement of the educational process.

5-A nucleus to open other majors related to aviation sciences.