Quality and Performance Evaluation Office

Sustainable quality, global standing

Proceeding from the fact that quality is accuracy, proficiency, and commitment to the application of standard standards in performance and its improvement in line with the requirements of the quality era in which we live, and based on the position that Bright Star University seeks to reach as a young university in university education in Libya and with its good reputation and leadership position, As it brings together all the spectra of Libya with its students and its professional and academic staff, it has been able to maintain its scientific position in light of the difficult circumstances it went through, and from here we seek to preserve its distinctive scientific identity locally, and move forward to develop it and turn it into a competitive advantage regionally and globally, by By achieving the principle of quality by investing its resources efficiently and effectively to achieve the quality of its performance and outputs in order to take the position it deserves and contribute to sustainable development in society.

The vision of the Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation

Achieving the sustainability of excellence in the university in a way that lives up to the highest local and international standards, and becoming a source of knowledge and scientific research.

Office of Quality and Performance Evaluation message

Activate the quality management and assurance system following local and international standards to achieve excellence and mastery in the educational, research, and community roles of the university, bringing it to the ranks of international universities.

Objectives of the Office of Quality and Performance Evaluation

-Spreading the culture of quality and performance evaluation to commit to applying it to all university employees.

-Work on developing academic plans and programs in line with international developments.

-Providing documents and forms to activate quality, performance evaluation, and accreditation for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

-Activating the quality of performance by developing the skills and capabilities of all employees in all units of the university.

-Providing a comprehensive database for colleges to achieve their quality, institutional and program accreditation.

-Achieving quality and self-assessment for all university units with the aim of improvement and development.

Bright Star University Quality Policy

In pursuit of achieving the vision and mission of the office, emanating from the vision and mission of the university in achieving academic, research, and pioneering excellence to reach the ranks of Arab and international universities, we have prepared a strategy by which we achieve the dissemination and application of a culture of quality that stems from the values of integrity, transparency, justice, openness, belonging community interaction, and good governance.

Strategic objectives Quality Assurance Office

  • Achieving quality according to the principle of cooperation and integration in work and achievement by forming a link with all colleges, centers, and departments at the university
  • Developing academic and administrative skills to ensure quality performance at the university
  • Work on developing academic plans and programs in line with global developments by maintaining continuous development and updating of all plans, strategies, and databases.
  • Follow-up surveys of students and graduates of programs and faculty members, the extent of beneficiaries’ satisfaction, and announcing its results.
  • Establishing a culture of quality in all activities and practices of the university.

The work carried out by the office during the period 2020-2021 AD

  • Holding meetings with heads of quality offices in colleges

    Updating the organizational structure and job description of the office

    Preparing a guide for graduation projects for university faculties

    Preparing the strategic plan for the university

    Preparing several questionnaires for evaluating students, faculty members, and courses

    Formation of a committee to follow up and develop the local ranking of the university

    Preparing to obtain programmatic accreditation for university faculties through:

    1- Holding several meetings with the heads of the quality offices in the university faculties to develop a plan of action.

    2- Implementation of several workshops to clarify the models required for program accreditation.

    3- Final review of program accreditation forms (internal regulations of colleges, Form 3, Form 4)

    4- Forming an internal audit committee for the university faculties to conduct the internal audit of these faculties.

    Preparing to obtain programmatic accreditation for the postgraduate program for the electrical engineering and chemical engineering departments, through:

    1- Preparing the internal regulations of the program in cooperation with the vice dean for scientific affairs of the university and the director of the planning and follow-up office.

    2- Willingness to finish the rest of the program requirements

    Contracting agreements and partnerships with external parties:

    1- The Malaysian Academic Center

    2- European Union projects (horizon, (wheel

    Participation in external meetings:

    1- The Fourth Forum for Quality and Discrimination

    2- Higher Education Forum and participation in a paper on the experiences of foreign countries

    3- Participation in the external auditor’s course

    4- A workshop with Sebha University.

The work that the office will carry out during the year 2022 AD

  • Establishing a database for programs and academic degrees awarded by the university, and for all its administrative units, to follow up on the development of the educational process

    Communicate with third parties specialized in quality to benefit from and exchange experiences with them

    Preparing for a series of workshops:

    1- Preparing for a workshop on preparing to obtain the American accreditation ABET.

    2- Preparing for a workshop on the classification guide for Libyan universities.

    3- Preparing for a workshop on the mechanisms of transition from traditional education to e-learning.

    Preparing a logo for the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Department.