Central Library

About the Central Library

The Central Library has been open since the opening of the university in 1981 A.D. The library was destroyed and vandalized in 2011 AD during the war of liberation. It was briefly maintained. It is specialized in providing books and references in all disciplines in the university in two languages (Arabic and English) to enable students and faculty members to obtain information in a simplified manner and provide an appropriate atmosphere for the reader and researcher.

Where the central library represents a central location on the university campus, opposite the main entrance to the study and examinations building at the university The library consists of three floors and a basement floor designed as a warehouse equipped with mobile shelves to protect books from moisture and damage. It is designed according to international standards for storing books and documents, and there are 14 mobile shelves.

The library includes three large halls for Arabic and foreign literature and periodicals, and the halls can accommodate about 125 people.

The central library, which includes in its content all disciplines in both Arabic and English, contains approximately 45,278 books in all scientific disciplines.

The Central Library opens its doors daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The library includes the following service units:

-The rental unit

-Classification and indexing unit.

-Medication unit.

-Projects unit.

-Exhibition unit.

The central library includes a cadre of 10 employees, distributed over all service units in the library.

Library technical organization

Because the central library of the university contains a huge collection of different publications that deal with various topics

And the importance of organizing the contents of the library so that it is easy to access and used efficiently.

Therefore, the need arose to find a classification system through which library visitors can obtain the required information and data.

Classification and Indexing Unit: The library undertakes the tasks of organizing and classifying books and various publications.

The Bright Star University Library follows the ((Dewey Ashari)) classification, which is one of the three famous international classifications, including: – The American Library of Congress classification, and the international ten classification.

Lending unit: The process of frequenting the library and daily benefit means love of knowledge and access to knowledge, and it is a true measure of the success of the library and the achievement of its sublime mission.

Because of the importance of borrowing and the keenness of the central library to develop and develop it for the better, the library has two types of lending, namely:

Internal loan:

It pertains to books and literature that require necessity, library systems, and their permanent presence in the library, to preserve it, and it is for borrowing outside the library, such as rare sources, encyclopedias, encyclopedias, glossaries and dictionaries, scientific treatises … and other scientific materials and means, as well as maps, documents, and non-printed materials such as CDs, slides, laser disks, as well as reserved books sealed with the phrase ((for internal viewing))

Foreign loan:

It is for lending permitted books and literature to those whose circumstances and the nature of their work require that:

Teaching staff members, teaching assistants.

Regular students.

University employees (employees)

Individuals, bodies, institutions, and companies from outside the university whom the library management deems necessary to assist them, after providing the necessary guarantees required and determined by the library director.

All citizens have the right to internal access to any literature to obtain knowledge and knowledge. And after obtaining permission from the director of the library.

Works that have been completed

Concerning the work that has been accomplished in the library, it is activating the role of the cultural library in the central library on the third floor and contains about 710  cultural books so that the cultural library carried out some cultural activities, including holding a poetry morning in the previous semester on 4/27/2016 AD and participating in an active role in the exhibition held on the sidelines of the second scientific conference at the university. During the previous period, an agreement (a twinning program) was reached between some libraries, including the library of the University of Ajdabiya, as well as the library of the Sirte Company, especially in the field of occupational safety. Through a meeting with the Vice President for Scientific Affairs, it was agreed to hold an annual book fair The university did not specify the date of residency due to time constraints this semester.

During the year 2016 AD, the Lending Department of the Central Library issued (415) library cards, the purpose of which is to organize entry to the library, borrow books, and view the library.

(Get out; withdraw a file; stop an entry.)

Also, 35  graduation projects for 2015–2016 have been received from all departments of the university.

Plans for the library

1-Installation of an electronic library in the central library soon, God willing.

2-Proposing branch libraries within the colleges of the university.

3-Installing a system for lending books.

4-Linking the central library to the international information network to communicate with international libraries to keep abreast of the latest editions of books and volumes