Postgraduate studies and training management

Postgraduate studies and training management

This department was established to provide services for postgraduate students, as well as provide training services for all segments at the university, since the core of its competence is to prepare local and external training plans and organize a workshop that aims to develop the human element in addition to organizing and supervising postgraduate programs at the university and completion The delegates are faculty members and teaching assistants, in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education.

The vision

Upgrading graduate studies and training programs, reaching a higher education quality system, and improving it continuously by developing the human element in the university.

The message

Together achieve the highest performance rates in postgraduate studies and training, propelling the university to the ranks of advanced universities in the world Postgraduate studies and training.


  • Completion of procedures for candidates for postgraduate studies internally and externally
  • Supervising the organization of postgraduate programs at the university
  • Improving the department’s quality system
  • Update and improve the quality of the documentation
  • Preparing the annual plan for the department
  • Follow-up on the procedures of delegates in the country and abroad
  • Implements local and external training programs
  • Organizing workshops
  • Participation in conferences
  • Communicate with the Department of Studies in the Ministry and organize the correspondence of the candidates.

University graduate programs

  • There is currently one graduate program, which is a master’s program in the field of chemical engineering established after the decision of the Minister of Higher Education No. 12 of 2022, according to which (22) students were accepted for the year 2022.

Admission requirements

    • University abilities at a rate of 65%
    • A good rating of at least
    • English Language
    • The comparison takes place according to the accumulative average of 50% and the university capabilities of 40%, while the near specialization of the program is 10%, in addition to the approval of the employer.

Requirements for obtaining a master's degree in chemical engineering

 -Obtaining final approval and starting a master’s program in chemical engineering.

-The procedures for obtaining a master’s program in electrical engineering have been completed and initially approved.

 -Obtaining programmatic accreditation for the master’s program in chemical engineering.

-Implementation of workshops.

 -Organizing training courses for employees in the fields of administration and computers.

 -Completion of obtaining decisions from the Ministry for internal delegation.

 -Provide the Ministry with.