Language Center

The vision

The center is a scientific institution with a clear mission that aims at excellence and progress in the field of education and the organization of training courses in the field of language at all levels using the latest educational curricula. It also seeks to graduate cadres who can meet the requirements of the labor market, through training programs that conform to the approved quality standards. Our vision is also represented in development of the educational process through the application of flexible organizational policies to strengthen the student’s personality and prepare him academically for his future career.


-Organizing educational courses in the field of language at various levels and meeting the needs of learners by providing a suitable environment for study and the existence of an academic methodology specialized in teaching the language according to the latest theories, concepts, and curricula specialized in that.

-That for prestigious educational programs, this institution is students’ top option.

-The programs of this institution should be directly linked to the labor market.

-Flexibility in providing training and educational programs is imposed by the requirements of the times.

Specifications of the educational courses at the Language Center

-English language levels: six levels are taught separately in the English language course, where students are provided with the most important basics of the English language, with a focus on various study skills such as (listening, reading, and writing) in addition to English grammar.

-International curricula specialize in teaching school languages.

-Reading and writing skills in English, 30 hours. This course contributes to the development of reading and writing skills in English for university students in general.

-Foundational rules of the English language: It is not possible to master the English language without mastering its rules, so it becomes very important to teach students the basic rules, starting with how to create simple sentences and ending with speaking fluently.

-A course in economic and scientific terminology in English, with 30 training hours for university students in scientific faculties.

-All levels are taught in the central halls.

-From the morning until the evening, educational course lectures are given.

-The student is stated to have obtained an educational course at the language level that he studied after taking the final exam for the course.

-A placement test is conducted for the student before the start of the course.

-A preparatory course for the TOEFL exam with 50 training hours

Strategic planning for the language center

The goal of the Language Center at Bright Star University is to develop and update educational programs in the field of language and teaching methods, and to contribute to the service of university students and administrative staff, through:

The English language should be a condition of admission to the university so that the student studies a full semester in which he learns all the skills of the English language and has enough time to develop those skills.

Equipping an integrated language lab with the latest educational programs, as well as equipping a visual showroom inside the center will strengthen students’ listening and speaking skills.

Periodic review of its current and future programs in terms of content and diversity in line with the development of programs in the various departments of the university.

Renewing and updating the study materials used in the center so that the curricula for each level are reconsidered and reviewed, and ensure that they keep pace with new general topics in the field of languages ​​and methods of teaching them.

Supporting the center with faculty members with higher qualifications and appropriate experience in the field of teaching English at the center.

Continuing to raise the efficiency and experience of the teaching staff at the center by holding specialized seminars related to the nature of teachers’ work and holding training workshops while increasing communication with English-speaking experts.

Holding an annual symposium to which faculty members from various Libyan universities and researchers with expertise and specialization in teaching English are invited.

Motivating university faculty members to conduct theoretical and field research in their field of work, where the research is evaluated and its effectiveness and contribution to raising students’ efficiency are studied.

Strengthening communication between the Language Center and academic departments at the university to consult on the best ways in which the Language Center can serve the students of these colleges in terms of the nature of the English language curricula offered by the Center.

Communicating with educational and cultural institutions as well as language centers in local and international universities and cultural centers to attract teachers and experts who speak these languages ​​to support the educational process in the center.

It is necessary to plan the provision of educational programs on the Internet at the university in coordination with the Documentation and Information Center and the computer center at the university so that the student can access and deal with them according to the instructions provided at the beginning of each training. The preparation of these educational programs is supervised by a team of teachers from the Language Center in coordination with the scientific affairs of the university, and they are implemented technically by specialists in educational technology in the aforementioned centers.