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The College of Technical Engineering is the largest of the colleges of Bright Star University – Brega, in which students who wish to study in one of the scientific departments enroll after completing the study of the subjects prescribed in the Department of Basic Sciences, which is the department that qualifies to study the rest of the sciences, and it is the general department.

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At the outset, we thank Allah Almighty, who has honored us with the gift of reason and knowledge. Gentlemen faculty members, teaching assistants, faculty staff, and my students, you are all partners in success through your work, and I respect you for this important institution in Libya. Dear visitors of the college’s website, welcome, and we offer you a brief introduction to the College of Technical Engineering at Bright Star University – Brega. The Faculty of Engineering at Bright Star University was established in 1981 and is the first technical college in Libya.
It has over 25 years of innovation and creativity in both teaching and learning as well as in research. Our primary mission is to educate students and discover and disseminate knowledge through research. The college includes five scientific departments at the undergraduate level, which are the Department of Petroleum Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering,
the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Materials and Minerals Engineering, in addition to a master’s program in the Department of Chemical Engineering. The Faculty of Technical Engineering has laboratories in all departments that enable students to conduct research and graduation projects as well as excellent teaching and learning facilities and highly experienced lecturers, which are among the reasons why students across Libya choose to pursue their studies at Bright Star University’s Faculty of Engineering. All scientific departments have obtained institutional and program accreditation from the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Educational
Institutions. The College of Technical Engineering is keen to attract distinguished faculty members from all Libyan cities as well as from brotherly and friendly countries. The college is striving hard to open a master’s study in the rest of the scientific departments and work to provide service to the community by holding conferences, scientific seminars and workshops
specialized in engineering fields. Especially since the College of Engineering is located near the oil facilities and can provide consultations as well as qualify graduates to work in companies and institutions in the oil and gas sector and others. In conclusion, I thank you for visiting the website of the College of Technical Engineering at Bright Star University – Brega. Do not hesitate to contact the college if you wish to inquire or obtain additional information about the college.